Jun 27, 2011

I found my Moisturizer!!!

Finally found an Organic, healthy moisturizer that actually keep my Hair moisturized! Sold at Target.

Wash Day 6/27

Prepoo with EVCO and Suave Naturals Conditioner w heat for30-35 min
Washed with NTM
DC w ORS Replenishing Pak + EVCO w Heat for 20-25 min
ACV Rinse
Apply Leave Ins/Moisturizer
Let dry
M&S in Sections
Applied JBCO to Scalp in sections
Tie up hair w Scarf

Jun 22, 2011

June Length Check

Wash Day 6/23

Im going to Co wash today only . A DC with EVCO and reg Conditioner w Heat for 30-35 min
Then a good Co wash

Jun 20, 2011

June! I've been slacking on my entries!!

Hey everyone :) Thanks for sticking with me. I moved in June and that's why I haven't been blogging. I admit I have been slacking on my M&S'ng but tonight I will go back to clockwork. I've been washing my Hair weekly and I don't know, I think I'm retaining length still. My hair looks thicker and longer.