Jan 30, 2016

Wash/Dye day! :)

Hi everyone. Well it's that time again. I literally just dyed my hair but here come them old stubborn greys. Grey's be gone! lol so Im going to use this hair dye. It gives me great full coverage for those pesky greys. Then I'm going to throw my hair in twists. I'm going to attempt to stretch my twists this time around. I have never stretched them out before.

I'll show you my finished twists and subsequent twist out after I'm done

Ok this is me as I am conditioning. My curls are popping! One day I think I can get away with a wash n go

Jan 15, 2016

I'm back & 2 years natural already! PHOTO BOMB!

I'm about to update the graphics, background and all of that on my blog. 
Just wanted to give you all an update on my natural hair. I am 2 years natural on 1.27.2016.
I went from a boy cut..to full shoulder length. I have pics galore below for you with dates

I've been doing Inversion once a month and sometimes I slacked. I wear my hair mostly in twist outs. I have only straightened my hair once in the entire 2 years (Holy crap!!!)

I can't tell if this is fast hair growth or not, but I'm pleased. I have a decent sized bun now :D

This is 4 months after BC (Big chop)

***Below are all January 2016 pics***

Freshly flat ironed hair

fresh flat ironed hair

5 day old flat Ironed hair 

wild ponytail

Neat high bun

My bun from the side

Damp hair is a high bun

same damp hair different angle

blown out hair

How I've been wearing my hair almost the entire year in addition to inversion for hair growth

2 strand twists

and twist out

I think there's been some decent progress :) I'm going to color and re-straighten my hair. I didn't think I did such a great job straightening it after a year. I did give myself a fresh trim. I also want to make sure I didn't incur any heat damage and washing it and coloring it with the black dye will help me be able to see if I did (not the dye, the washing really).

Thanks for being so supportive. So many views even after I had a 2 yr hiatus and I am truly grateful :) I will be updating regularly now.