Jan 30, 2012

Product Review: Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Lotion & Wave Nouveau Finishing Mist

Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Lotion

What can I say about this? I absolutely love this stuff. Now, when I started my Hair Journey almost a year ago, I admit I OD'd on it and ended up with a slight Protein Overload. But you know what? I learned my lesson and never gave it up. I use this product for 3 or 4 days, and a Non-Protein Water based Moisturizer on the other days in the Week. It has a little Protein(Hydrolized Wheat Protein)to be exact.

The consistency is a bit thick. Not too thick,but enough to coat your Hair strands. Warning: do not use too much, your Hair will be heavy LOL. a Quarter sized or less amount is more than enough to moisturize with trust me. This is another one of my Staple products. Now if you need something similar but you prefer a Spray and no Protein then:

Wave Nouveau Finishing Mist is for you!

This product is what I use when I'm not using the regular Wave Nouveau. The ingredients are similar to the Lotion, except it does not contain Protein. I love that and the fact that its more of a light liquid Spray. It isn't thick and sprays wonderfully out of the bottle. The smell is very pleasant and it's very light on my Hair.

My rating for both products are 10. For me they're perfect.

Hey ladies! I've been slacking, so sorry

Sorry I've been slacking :) I try to keep my Regi as carefree as possible or knowing me, I will slack totally. So far I've been oiling my Scalp w JBCO atleast 2x per week, sometimes 3x per week. I sometimes find myself sealing with it too

I have already washed my hair this week, so no wash until I feel like I need it next which will most likely be in about 4 or 5 days.I also did a Protein treatment earlier than usual on 1/26. I most likely won't do another one until maybe the middle of February. My Hair seems like it's crying for a tad more Protein sometimes.

And that's pretty much it. I'm noticing such thickness in my Hair. Now, my Hair has always had thickness,but with this JBCO challenge, it is really out of control. :) I love it hehe. Well i'll finally be doing a Product Review on my favorite product. Wave Nouveau! So stay tuned for the next post

Jan 8, 2012

Monthly Protein Treatment 1/5/12

I just did my ORS Hair Mayo. I think I'm going to start doing it every 6 weeks. It seems that my Hair needs it more often than every 8 weeks.

I went to the BSS yesterday and of course as usual I totally OD'd! LOL. I finally found HE LTR and Im in love. I wish it didn't have Protein or I'd use it everyday. Made that mistake before. Next product review will be on my favorite, most loved Moisturizer on the entire Planet Wave Nouveau Finishing Mist

:D check that out in the next post

Jan 1, 2012

Product Review: Lavish Curls Moisturizer

Well, starting the new year with some Product reviews. Maybe it can help some Ladies find Moisturizers that work for their Hair. Now this product is one of my very favorites.

This Moisturizer is one of the best I've ever used. It leaves my Hair silky smooth and contain no Protein. The thing I like most about this is that it has natural Ingredients. Lavish Curls smells absolutely delicious. The only thing I'm not fond of is that it's a tiny bit thick for it to be in a Spray bottle. I am never able to just spray it directly on my Hair because of the consistency. I always have to spray an ample amount into my Hands and then smooth it onto my Hair.

I rate this on a scale from 1-10 a 10. It is that awesome and I will buy this again and again. One of my staples I will never change.

The Facebook Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge has started today!!!!!

I'm am so excited to finally be a part of a Challenge I will be able to keep up with. I am doing the basic challenge, here are the rules from the Group:

1- Basic: Apply Castor oil to scalp 2x/3x a week.

2- Intermediate: Apply Castor oil to scalp 2x/3x a week followed by a scalp massage (2-5mins focusing on damaged areas). Add 1 tsp to your weekly deep conditioner.

3-Advanced: Apply Castor oil to scalp three times a week followed by scalp massage (2- 5mins focusing on damaged areas). Add 1-2 tsps to weekly deep conditioner.

I know I will not be able to remember doing 2 and 3, so I will be doing Basic and I'll try to use it when Prepooing or DC'ing, not fully sure on that yet but i'll let you all know.

It's still not to late to join. The FB Hairlista page is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/40923346750/

I am too excited for this. Finally a challenge I wasn't late for. I washed my Hair yesterday. So I'm going to attempt to keep the Washes down to 1x per week,but of course as you all know, I love washing my Hair so that's going to be a challenge in itself. Hope I make some progress and more ladies join the challenge. HHJ!

Starting Pic: 1.1.12 @ 8 weeks Post Relaxer