Aug 31, 2012

My current Sulfur mix for Sulfur challenge 9/1-2/28

My mix consists of :

1 TSP (heaping) of Sublimed Sulfur
4 oz JBCO
4 oz EVOO
2-3 drops of Lavendar oil
2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil
2-3 drops of Sweet Almond Oil
2-3 drops of Peppermint Oil

Hoping for more great results this next round of applications :)

:D Hi ladies! I had to get one good entry in before September!

Well you ladies pretty much know that I've been using sulfur oil since May. I've been getting great results and so far my hair is about 1 1/2 inches to APL. APL where you at! I've been waiting for over a year now, crap. Well, surely the Winter will be the time when I hit it. Now whether that's November or December, only time will tell. The good thing is it seems I'm retaining length so the goal isn't too far away. September 1st starts the NJOY concoction challenge on Long hair care forum. Here:

We're going to use Njoy's mix that led to her tremendous growth. You can view this growth my typing NJOY in the search on LHCF,or googling NJOY or even going to her site on her blog

so just a recap so far

This is my current length

I notice that blow drying yields my regular thick hair than flat ironing so I may do that instead when I want straighter hair. I am only about 1 week and a half post relaxer and since my hair is never bone straight, i swear it looks like Im already 8 weeks post or something. OH well. I dont use heat regularly and never will. My hair just can't take it. I won't chance it. Hope you ladies have a great Labor day weekend and HHJ to you all!

Aug 19, 2012

Fresh relax pics! :D

More pics of how my hair currently looks as of today. I ended up flat ironing it again this morning (1 pass) and it will be a long time before I flat iron it again. Atleast 6 weeks- 2 months.

News Alert! I caved, I am....Relaxed again :)

I know you joined this blog to see relaxed hair retain length right? I flipped on you guys and you know what? I ended up ending my 6 month stretch (no longer transition) because I realized a couple things.

1. I don't love myself any less because I prefer to make my hair manageable with chemicals.

2. My hair is thick, but my strands are fine and cannot take too much heat. "Heat training" (which I think is baloney anyway (spelled wrong on purpose) wouldn't work for my Hair.

3. I don't have the time to invest doing twists, I can't braid and I don't really like "big" hair on me.

4. I prefer my Hair straight 60% of the time (even though I do NOT use heat often on my hair)

I decided to go back to relaxers and there's no shame in my game. At any time I can choose to start transitioning if I wish. So this, once again, is a relaxed hair blog! My goal is still WL. I've made up my mind and this is what's best for me right now. Sorry for the yo-yoing, but you know how indecisive us ladies can be sometimes :) I actually feel relieved and know that I can stretch 6 months if I have to again. I don't think I'll stretch longer than 4 or 5 mths this time around. I relaxed 5/18/12 and I just joined the NJOY Concoction challenge 2012 on LHCF. You ladies should join this challenge. Most of us have seen what sublimed Sulfur has done for her hair. You ladies know I've been using it since May and you've seen my pics on here so it does work. Anyhow, I actually was procrastinating post this LOL feeling shame? LOL the nerve of me. I am confident in my decision and everyone should be happy and confident no matter how they choose to wear their Hair. I have a product review on Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner and you ladies do not want to miss it! Ciao Bellas!

Aug 17, 2012

My hurrr (yes hurr) is done! :D

Ok I was playing around and today while I was washing and DC'ing I took some texture shots of my hair

and these are pics of my hair after straightening today. My goal is still WL even though I'm transitioning. I figure when my entire hair is WL, my Natural hair will be atleast APL or longer and then I can chop away the relaxed ends. I will not be bald (no offense to bald people). I did something a little different this time when flat ironing. I only did 1 pass and maybe 1/2 on the root because I'm 26 weeks post almost and well, the roots are resistant. I think it came out the thickest I've ever seen. I hate when I straighten my hair too straight. Small sections and 2 passes left it way too straight. I use the Kiss Red Flat irons 3/4 & 1/2 on a setting of 280-300 degrees. I will not go any hotter than that.

Here are my current hair pics and length check. I did a trim as well and only took off a tiny bit not even half an inch to even the ends out.

and my ponytail currently:

Ok and one more thing. Last night I took a section in the middle left area of my head and cut it to natural haha :) I was curious to see my natural texture. This next pic is all natural (the strand I'm holding anyway. I'm assuming majority of the hairs on my head are about this length

It's looks like approximately 3 in or 3 1/2 inches of new growth natural hair by me just looking at it. This is growth from February-Present.

whew! I think that's all the pics I wanted to show you all today. But one more. A comparison pic from February- the length now. I started the Sulfur oil in May of this year

sorry bombarded you folks with pics but you know how I am. I am constantly taking pics of my hair haha. Not sure how long this will last but just wanted to get some pics in.

Aug 16, 2012

Washed 2x today. Yes two times. Darn Ecostyler gel

Ok so I did an overnight DC w the Silicon mix, woke up this morning and washed it out, shampooed and DC'd again. I stupidly applied Ecostyler (the clear one) to my hair. Why? Why oh why did I do that? I hate having a plastic/plaster head. So my hair got hard and looked awful so I ended up washing it again. I need my hair free from products unless it's moisturizer. Gel is only when I'm about to wash my hair. I will never use it after a fresh wash again. So I have a function to attend this Weekend and I'm going sleek. So I'm flat ironing right now. I try not to abuse heat and I think I've done pretty good so far regarding that. I think the last time I used it was a month ago. Once a month isn't so bad but I am trying not to get addicted to it like I used to be. That's the only concern I have about going natural. Not knowing if I will want that sleek look more often later on down the line and not wanting to singe up my ends with the Heat. Oh well, I'm still doing it. I will let today worry about itself. I'm only doing 1 pass with my Kiss red silicon irons. I'm no where near being done but these irons are so good, you can't even tell I only did 1 pass. I am using the 3/4 in (small) for my roots, and the 1/2 in for bigger sections. I just realized for the bigger one I need it up to 300 degrees because it wasn't getting the job done and right now the 3/4 one is at 280. I don't want to go above 300 degrees on either. I have no idea how ladies flat iron their hair on 425 and up. I'd be paranoid I was going to get damage. Anyway, let me finish. As usual, pics are to come

Aug 15, 2012

:D Hello all, hair update

Well, I got restless and cut a small piece of the hair from the left middle section. No one can see it but wow! I think I've gotten about 3 1/2 in. from May to now when I started using the Sulfur. This piece is fully natural so I will be monitoring it as the days go on. I've never seen my real texture since I was a child. This is a whole new world for me and I'm pressing forward! :D

I'm still using my sulfur oil about 2x weekly. Still washing 2x weekly (sometime more) and I think i'm due for a trim if not a search & destroy. I am considering straightening my Hair this weekend, I'm not sure about that yet. It depends on how cool the weather is.

Aug 1, 2012

Yay it's finally August! First wash day of the month!

I just applied my sulfur and now the bottle is empty. Time to make a new batch. I originally use Amla oil along w the other oils I mix,but I ran out and since Amla did nothing for me I won't be buying it again. I probably will just do a mix of JBCO (8 oz) couple drops of Lavendar, Peppermint & Tea tree oil this time. After applying the oil, I massaged for about 5 min, then applied Silicon Mix Bambu that looks like this:

I heard great things about this product ladies and so I'm excited to see what it does to my hair. As of now, I really haven't revamped my hair regimen much. I'm still moisturizing regularly, I have incorporated mandatory light protein treatments that I did before and had success with, but I've just been to lazy to do it. Hope you all are doing well on your journeys and if I haven't followed your blog back, please let me know! Sometimes with real life I get flustered and forget. Ciao Bellas!