Nov 29, 2011

Wash Day again!

Coated my Hair and Scalp w JBCO
Applied my Prepoo Oil mix of Amla,Peppermint,Rosemary, and EVOO oil to my Hair
Covered w Plastic cap/bag
Sat under dryer for 25-30 min

Wash hair w HE Shampoo
DC'd w Conditioner w heat 20-25 min
ACV Rinse
Apply leave ins
Tied down Hair with Scarf

Nov 24, 2011

JBCO is back on my Hair Menu

I stopped in the local BSS and found JBCO.I could not believe it. I'm thrilled. I got great results using it last time and I am incorporating it into my Regimen. I'm so happy.

What I did today

Flat ironed and used ORS Mois Lotion as protectant. I don't think I used it hot enough. My Hair was straight, but not as sleek as I would've liked. I'm going to get some Fantasia Serum next time I flat iron. Someone on Hairlista let me know that her Hair gets really shiny with this product.

I came home, Moisturized with Wave Nouveau. Used JBCO on my Hairline and I did not really seal with an Oil. I put Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer (a very little amount) on my ends. Bunned and tied down with Scarf

Nov 23, 2011

Wash Day

applied my Peppermint/Rosemary/EVOO mix to hair.
DC'd w Heat for 25-30 min
Washed w HE Shampoo
ACV Rinse
Apply Leave-ins
Cool Bonnet Dry
Flat Iron(no more for the next 2 or 3 mths. This would be 2nd Flat Iron this Month
used ORS Moisturizing Lotion as Heat Protectant
Dry wrapped and tied down with Scarf
pic results soon to come

I got another Oil!

Ok, well not only am I a Product Junkie, but I am most definitely an Oil Junkie. I picked up some Rosemary Oil. I have always heard that it is good for the Hair. I mixed it with EVOO and some Peppermint Oil and will be using this atleast 2x per week on my Scalp and Edges. Hope I see some results when I do my next length check in Jan or February.

Flat Iron is calling me

So ever since last week when I used a Flat Iron for the first time in Years, I am loving the way my Hair looked. I am not going to overdo the Heat. I know how bad it is for the Hair but I am surely going to wash my Hair tonight, cool Blow dry it and Flat Iron it for tomorrow. I cannot be looking a mess for Thanksgiving LOL. So I will make sure to use my ORS Moisturzing Lotion which btw is a very good Heat Protectant. It left my Hair looking oh so pretty when I did it last time. I will not Flat Iron my Hair again for atleast 2 or 3 more months. It's so easy to want sleek, silky Hair all the time, but I know how I am and it will take nothing for me to go back to my old habits and lose the length I just gained.

Nov 22, 2011

Peppermint Oil- started back

Ok so I started using a Peppermint Oil,Rosemary Oil & EVOO on my Hairline. Like you all know, it's full, but In my opinion, you can never have too much edges. I'll be using this daily before I go to bed after M&S'ing. I'll be alternating with this Oil mix and JBCO.

Nov 13, 2011

Fresh Relaxer pics from 11/12!!!

First off I must say, I am in shock! My Hair never got past my Shoulders since over 20 yrs ago. I am not using any Growth Aids. I have my Regimen here and that's really all that I've been doing. Focusing mainly on Moisturizing/Sealing, 6-8 week Protein treatments, little to no Manipulation and no heat. I did use Heat to Flat Iron my hair today (the 13th) for the first time in Years. I put ORS Moist. Lotion mainly on my Ends. Gotta protect those ends. My ponytail is longer than I've ever seen it. Now the cons, I don't like how my Hair is short in some spots. It's hard to see in the Pics below, and it's not horribly uneven where I would cut it, but dang. Also I have to stop pulling my Hair in ponytails so much, it's slowly diminishing my Edges and I need my edges!

So without further ado, My 11/12/11 Length Check pics with a Fresh Relaxer and a Flat Iron.

Nov 12, 2011

Relaxer day @ 14 Week Post

pics coming soon!

I based my Scalp and hair strand with Amla Oil

Not one itch or burn during the entire 20 min of my Relaxer


DC'd with Hair Mayo

Rinsed w ACV

Put in leave in

Some oil and tied down w Scarf til morning

Then I put a thick creme heat protectant on Hair concentrating on my Ends

and Flat ironed my entire Hair.

Pics to come and more length retention. I can't believe it :)

No growth Aids. Just M&Si'ng , 6-8 Protein treatments and coating the ends of my Hair with oil.

One more recent pic I took yesterday 11/11/11 before my Touchup

I believe tonight is Relaxer night but don't quote me on that

Nov 6, 2011

February 2011-November 2011 Length Check and the results are in FSL!

November hair length Check

Wash day, no for real this time

Ok, so I'm washing my Hair because the longer I wait, the more I don't want to do it.

Im Prepooing with Coconut/JBCO Oil Mix
using Peppermint Oil in my Scalp also and applying LTR Conditioner and sitting under the Dryer for 20-30 min

Wash with HE Drama Clean by Clairol
DC with Drama Clean conditioner + EVOO

Rinse with ACV

Apply Leave Ins.

Seal with Oil

Tie down with Scarf

and thats it

Nov 1, 2011

Hey People!

So today will be wash day. I have been so hair Lazy lately. Don't you get like that sometimes though? It's like you know what you have to do, but you're so sluggish to do it. I've done so good sticking with a Regimen all this time. November 1st and I plan on getting back on track.