Oct 17, 2012

Hi ladies. I have to tell you I am hating the new set up for Blogger. Blah. I mean, I really hate it. I know I've been gone a while but I was mourning (and still am) a loss of a family member. I'm much better now and ready to come back and post a little more regularly. I haven't been using my MSM at all, or oils or pretty much anything over this month. I just managed to keep my Hair moisturized and protected my ends. I decided to straighten my Hair yesterday because I was curious at the length and needed to trim my ends. I admit, hair has been the last thing on my mind so I slacked but I wouldn't say big time. I couldn't let my ends turn into big crunchy messes. No. No way. So I do have some current length check pics dated 10/17. I literally just took them 5 minutes ago. Before I post those though, do you know some person had the nerve to report my blog post? LOL all the way back from February about cowashing no less. I hate cowashing anyway so I just deleted the post. I'm not here for drama. I never claimed the article was mine, or written by me so whatever. Imagine how hard I rolled my eyes when I saw the complaint. I wonder what they're going to complain about next. Anyway back to hair news: My current hair length as of October 17th, 2012:
I don't have too many pics because I slammed my Ipod Touch on the concrete and well, it takes funky pics now. I still look like I'm about 1 1/2 inches from APL. It may take longer because I can't deal with funny,fuzzy, thin looking ends. If you notice I got my hair way too straight yet again. I don't like it this straight at all. Blah. But what's done is done. I even had the temperature on 250 (the lowest setting) 1 1/2 passes and this is what I got. Ok ladies, I'll be writing you next month. I still have pretty much the same regimen as I always have had. I'll just try to be a bit more consistent now as much as I can. Ciao ladies :) Product reviews coming soon