Feb 19, 2012

Fresh Relaxer and (surprise!) Length Check for February!!!

Hey Ladies! I couldn't take it anymore and ended up Relaxing at 14 weeks. I think that was a pretty good stretch. I'll be shortening that though. Next Relaxer will be a day or 2 before Mother's Day. I need a new do for Mother's Day. So I coated my Hair w EVOO 1 day before. Relaxed and did a color (Herbal dye) on my Greys(ew).Also did a Hair Mayo treatment with a Moisturizing Condish afterward. I ended up doing a Flat Iron and this is the straightest I've ever gotten my Hair. I feel the pain of ladies that are addicted to Heat. I like my Hair sleek but I cannot ruin my progress by overdoing the Heat, so no more Heat until my next Relaxer or 2 mths from now. Pics below! Keep in mind, this is in doing the JBCO Challenge. My before pics are on the left.

I've discovered how to get my Hair really straight. A small Flat iron and parting in really small sections. It took hours and I mean hours. I am going to try to hold tight to this for 2 weeks,but that's a long time to go w/o washing my Hair. Shoot, y'all should know how I am, I need a weekly Wash. Oh and I gave myself a Trim finally to even it out and get rid of those raggedy ends. I didn't take off much less than 3/4(I think not sure about fractions so don't quote me)

Comparison Pics

More Pics from different Angles

Feb 7, 2012

Most embarrassing thing happened to me in Church...

Ok, so I hardly ever wear Wigs. Before Sunday, I hadn't worn a wig for a good 5 yrs. Stupid me put on a wig, thought I was sooo cute. The shout Music started I went to slightly dance and plop, that stupid wig fell off of my head showing off my Miss Celie plaits in Church! I was so embarrassed!!! OMgosh and I couldn't stop laughing. Even thinking about it makes me laugh so hard. So what am I going to do come Sunday? Hold my head up high and rock my real hair. I have thick beautiful hair. I guess that was God's way of saying "wear your real Hair" LOL. I wanted to crawl under my pew. Ugh..oh well. Things happen. And anyone that can't let go of that little embarrassment needs to check themselves. Can I get an Amen? LOL for real though. I wasn't the only one in that place wearing fake hair. Only difference is mine wasn't pinned. I guess this was God's way of humbling me. I was already a very humble person though. I guess one cannot get too much humility huh? Oh goodness me. Never wearing a Wig ever again and I mean it. This will be a testimony to others though in my behavior. I could say "im going to leave the Church" or walk around with a Hoodie on my head for the next 5 mths. I'm not doing it. I just joined the Church, did my 12 wk class and graduated 3 wks ago and I just joined the praise team. I want my attitude and life about what happened to be a testimony to keep your head held high no matter what.

Monthly Protein treatment

Tonight I was feeling like I needed some Protein, so I did a Hair Mayo treatment w Heat for about 20 min and rinsed. Next one most likely won't be until March when I decided to relax.