Feb 16, 2011

My Hair Journey-From Wack to Mid-back

Ok, so I realize I want to reach my hair goals. So I found this girl on Youtube who’s hair has grown from to her neck, and it is now thick and down the middle of her back. Unbelievable. I’ll give examples
This is what I strive for. My hair to reach the middle of my back. I know it can be done. This young lady has done it. And so this blog is going to track my progress. I am going to follow a regime I found online for this young lady. And I will have the growth I have craved for so long. Not only length,but healthy hair.
Follow me on my journey. I’m posting the regimen and maybe it can help others. Just ask and I will tell you where I got this precious information.I hope you ladies will challenge yourself to take the Health/Growth challenge with me. I’m tired of having neck length hair!

This is ©Sunshyne Hairlista Youtube video

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