Aug 11, 2011

Peppermint Oil

So I just bought this 100% Peppermint Oil. I researched and it says it promotes Hair Growth. The Cayenne Pepper didn't do much so I'm trying this. Already I realize I should've mixed this with EVOO. I put just a Quarter size on my Hairline and massaged it in and my right Eye(where I mostly put the Oil) is like I put Peppermint in it. No it's not that severe, it just feels like my Scalp ate a Peppermint Candy. It's tingling LOL ouchie. Well, I hope this works. I'm going to try it on my Hairline first. My Hairline is already full, but you can never have too full of a Hairline if you ask me. I'll let everyone knows how this works for me.

I moisturized with Wave Nouveau. I didn't seal tonight. I just put the Peppermint Oil on my Hair line.

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