Nov 13, 2011

Fresh Relaxer pics from 11/12!!!

First off I must say, I am in shock! My Hair never got past my Shoulders since over 20 yrs ago. I am not using any Growth Aids. I have my Regimen here and that's really all that I've been doing. Focusing mainly on Moisturizing/Sealing, 6-8 week Protein treatments, little to no Manipulation and no heat. I did use Heat to Flat Iron my hair today (the 13th) for the first time in Years. I put ORS Moist. Lotion mainly on my Ends. Gotta protect those ends. My ponytail is longer than I've ever seen it. Now the cons, I don't like how my Hair is short in some spots. It's hard to see in the Pics below, and it's not horribly uneven where I would cut it, but dang. Also I have to stop pulling my Hair in ponytails so much, it's slowly diminishing my Edges and I need my edges!

So without further ado, My 11/12/11 Length Check pics with a Fresh Relaxer and a Flat Iron.

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