Jun 29, 2012

Wash Day/ Protein treatment and update

hey folks :) well I know it's the Summer, I've been relaxing a little on my entries but I do make sure to check atleast every 2 weeks to let you girls know how my hair journey is going so far. As of this past Saturday, I am 18 weeks post relaxer. I do not know how long I will stretch. I am still using the sulfur oil 2x weekly,but I may start only using it the night before wash day. I really don't like how my Hair feels after using it. So styling my Hair with it in it, is not an option for me. I don't think I did a Protein treatment this month, so I washed my hair real good this morning with HE Color Me Happy (smells so good!) and used 2 Eggs as my Protein treatment. I haven't had a chance to purchase more Hair Mayo which is actually my preference so Eggs it was. After that I'll rewash, DC w Moisturizing condish..rinse and then do my last rinse of ACV like I always do and airdry. I've been mostly rocking buns. It's just too hot to straighten my hair and I dont really feel like doing much else. I'm still trying to perfect the perfect braid out. If I can get that down I'll wear them more often.

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