Mar 26, 2012

Ok here it is! Product Review- NEW! 3/26

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave In & JBCO

This is a non-Protein Moisturizer. I use this directly after a Wash session and this is one of my Staples. This is one of my absolute favorite Moisturizers. It's a very light creme, pleasant Scent. I mean my Hair soaks this stuff up. Maybe thats why I've run through about 8-10 bottles over the past year *shrugs* hey, what can I say. I love it that much. I use this on the days when I am not using a protein Moisturizer and I usually will seal with Grapeseed Oil. Leaves my Hair so silky and smooth and this is with just using it after washing and tying my Hair down with a Scarf.

I give NTM as we lovingly call it on Hairlista and other Hair forums, a 10. It's absolutely perfect. I cannot think of one negative except, oh...yeah...the bottles come so small and 1 bottles is approximately $7.99. What a rip off :/ But I love this stuff and I'm sure you will too.

Now for JBCO or Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Ok I try not to use this too often. I mostly use this when my Hair is approximately 6 weeks Post Relaxer and up when I don't care if my Hair is heavy. This (like all Castor Oil) is thick. So you want to make sure you do not use too much. I have used it in the past for Challenges and I must say, it did give me some additional growth. My Hair has always been thick but it was out of control using this. The smell isn't the greatest,but it's not unbearable. I mean it doesn't bother me at all, some ladies can't stand it. The price of one jar of this is about $11.99. They now sell this at a majority of BSS's in the City(Boroughs really) (I'm in NY, USA) I like it but it's something I don't necessarily need to use in my day to day regimen. I did use it today in my DC and while I have a fresh Relaxer, that's the only way I'm going to use it until I am further along in my stretch.My rating as a scalp oil for this Product is an 8. If I'm rating this overall in my Regimen products, I give it a 5. It's something I can definitely do without. Any questions place below about either product and I'll be sure to answer them expeditiously :) HTH.


  1. NTM Silk Touch Leave In is also a fave of mine. 8 bottles a year, wow!! I completely agree with your review. Haven't tried JBCO, I use plain Castor Oil.

  2. Thanks LaQT/Ty :) I love that stuff and I am so serious. 8 bottles! LOL I hear that the plain Castor Oil is just as good,but when I started oiling my Scalp I was only using JBCO