Feb 15, 2013

My hair is done! Length check pics!

Well part of the back of my hair is still not APL *pout pout* but I do notice some length retention. I stopped taking my MSM a couple months ago and I use the sulfur oil maybe 1x or more monthly. I do like my progress with minimal growth aids. I thought I'd be full APL by now but I guess naturally my hair doesn't grow that fast. I'm just happy I do see progress :) so on to another 6 month relaxer stretch but for now I'm going to enjoy my straight, swanging herr :P I may go back hardcore with the Sulfur oil and MSM starting back March. I'm not sure yet. It depends on how hectic my real life gets from now until then. 

Progress Pics February 15th, 2013
*note: if I didn't like how my face looked in the pic, I blurred/edited it out*

I would've taken more pics and I did, I didn't like how majority of them came out and it was hard as I don't know what trying to take pics of with my Kindle. Hopefully you're able to tell the length my these pics. It looks like 1 in to APL to me, but I could be wrong. Ugh, I wish it would hurry up but I know i'll get there in time. Atleast I'm retaining length now.

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