Feb 14, 2013

Hi everyone! :D My hair update so far & Relaxer day!!

I've pretty much been doing low maintenance. I don't have the time to "worship" my hair and honestly I don't care to do that anymore. I wash 1x weekly, sometimes I forget and it ends up being 10 days. I haven't used heat on my hair since August. I did however attempt to flat iron a couple days ago, I only did a couple strands in the back and then decided it would be too much work. 

 Today is Relaxer day. I haven't had a relaxer since August 18th, 2012. Crazy right? I didn't even realize it was that long ago but now is the time. I'm not even going to bother with Flat ironing. So after my relaxer I'm going to blow it out, flat iron it and do a length check & trim. Of course not in that order. You've waited long enough! I pretty much have simplified my regimen even more. Right now as of February 2013 here is what I've been doing:

 My updated Regimen 
 Every 1 week or so
 wash DC 1x weekly
 Protein treatment 1x monthly or light protein bi-weekly 
 Moisturize every 3 days or more
 Trims only for fresh relaxers
 Relaxer stretches 6months+ but no less than 18 weeks

 and this is pretty much it. I told you I simplified it. Sometimes less is more and I haven't even started relaxing and just carefully am combing out my hair and goodness, it's long! I can't imagine how it's going to look once I've flat ironed it. Have I reached APL? If I haven't, I'm going to assume I am a slow grower. How dog gone long does it take? LOL anyhow, let me get to work and pics are coming soon! Hope all you ladies are doing well and thanks for sticking with me and my bi to tri-monthly entries on this blog. Sometimes life gets in the way :) Oh..new reviews are coming too! I have some awesome new products I've discovered. 

 Happy Valentine's day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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