Apr 22, 2011

Fighting Breakage- Part 1

f you are practicing strict TLC and STILL see alot of breakage don't panic. Breakage is not a normal state for hair. SOMETHING is causing it and it is your job to honestly analyze your regimen and lifestyle to determine what the problem is. Oftentimes the most obvious suspect is the thing you do most frequently. If that's not the cause then you can employ a process of elimination:

1. Look at how often you are using extreme-heat implements such as flatirons, curling irons, blowdryers, edge sticks, etc. Alot of relaxed ladies do not want to admit to themselves that extreme heat on top of chemically-taxed hair is more than the poor stuff can handle. Even ONE bad session with a superheated flatiron can boil your cortex away and cause weak points along the strand. Next thing you know breakage breakage breakage. Unfortunately, hair that has been taxed beyond its limit with heat tools CANNOT be "repaired." That is why you see increasing numbers of ladies with thin, see-through strands. The shaft can be temporarily filled but what is lost is lost and those weak points will most likely break. To combat this have a strict 6 month no heat period - give the hair a break and begin doubling up on moisture DC's. Incorporate coconut oil into your regimen as it is scientifically proven to help stop further protein loss.

2. Many ladies have protein overload and do not know it. Manufacturers are loading proteins into products and ladies are slathering these on DAILY. Hair does not need daily protein. Protein treatments should be isolated and tracked to avoid overload. If you are protein sensitive like Tressbuzz, you can track the breakage almost to the minute you hit overload. Characteristics of protein overload are dry, hard, brittle strands that will not "moisturize." Check each and every product for proteins so that you can dial it back to one item then add more as needed. VIEW MY BLOG ON HIDDEN PROTEINS.

3. Hair needs moisture. Water is moisture. Grease or oil is not moisture. Deprive hair from getting moisture for too long and you will have dryness and breakage. Moisturizer should be water based or have water in it and no protein. Oil is used to seal. Simple water, rosewater or distilled water sealed with oil make great moisturizers. A co-wash or two during the week goes a long way toward added moisturization.

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