Apr 7, 2011


I'm hating the way my hair feels and I now it's because of that JBCO I used yesterday. Instead of oiling my scalp while I m&s'd, I did it after. NEver again. I swear I'm about to go Co wash it again. I really hate this feeling!

I washed all that goo out of my hair!I co washed it. I put the Moist. conditionr on and just showered for about 15 minutes,then I washed it out. My hair feels so much lighter. So now I know, DO NOT USE TOO MUCH JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL!If you do it'll weigh your Hair down.

M&s'd with ORS Moist Lotion(Blah) and EVOO
put JBCO on my Scalp

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