Mar 19, 2011

March 15th-March 19th,2011

Hi all! I've been MIA. Well this week aside from Washing on Monday and M&s'ing my hair. I did nothing.My hair stayed beautifully moisturized all these days since the 14th.I'm trying to figure my hair out so I can tweak my Regimen.Originally I was attempting to follow Sunshyne's regimen to a T, but a couple of things.

1. Her hair is longer than mine
2. My hair asborbs moisture very well
3.My hair is breaking for some reason

and so I watched my hair from the 14th up until today so I can figure out what I'm going to add or take away from my regimen starting Monday. So, I got my Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!!!! Yay and you'll never believe from where. GNC. Yes GNC had Cold Pressed EVCO. So now I can use it and see if it benefits my hair in anyway. I will post my personalized,revised Regimen next week. This is why I've been gone. I am supposed to wash tonight..but I'm not.I won't do anything to my hair until Monday. I put a little WN today(no oil) and I'm thinking I might only need to Moisturize for a while. Oh and I also got my Hot Six Oil. So I will update you all as to what my new regimen will be. Ciao

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