Mar 31, 2011

My hair Recovery

Im noticing a change in the amount of Breakage. Its back to almost none. My hair is looking as full as ever and I think I am going to go back to Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion and pray that the light protein it has doesn't overload my hair like the hardcore Mayo treatments I was doing weeks ago. When I use WN though I will not use EVCO alone with it. EVCO bonds to the Protein on your strands of Hair. I am happy after washing my hair with how it looks and feels.Now I learned my lesson. Too much Protein will break your hair off. I will never use Aphoghee products not because they aren't good, but I am not confident on how often to use them,what to use them with and I know how my hair reacts to Protein and I don't need to use those products at all in my Regimen.

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