Mar 28, 2011

Moisture Vs. Protein Balance in hair- Part 2

Breakage Even Though Your Doing Everything Right
If you answer yes to 1 or more of these....This is what you should do..
  1. Hair won't hold moisture
  2. Products you usually use stop working..
  3. Hair appears dull
  4. Doing everything right and still getting breakage ( Build up on hair causes breakage)
  5. Clarified and still experiencing build up
Some would answer you should clarify... Well your almost right.. Build up on the hair will cause all of the above... When your hair won't hold moisture its usually due to build up on the hair or porosity issues ... Also unexplained breakage is almost always caused by two common problems...That is Build up or Moisture and Protein balance being thrown off.. Clarifying only removes certain kinds of build up.. So when clarifying doesn't help..I recommend using a chelating shampoo ?

What is the difference between Clarifying Shampoo and Chelating Shampoo ?

Clarifying Shampoo removes styling products, such as hair mousse, hair gel, hair spray, conditioners, and even daily shampoos etc....
Chelating Shampoo removes mineral deposits , removes metal , copper, iron and toxins, chemical and calcium build up ( what causes this ?.. Hard water and chlorine) It removes green hair from swimming and removes chlorine...( yes it removes product build up as well)
So it is a pretty big difference in the two types of shampoos.
If you live in a hard water city then the hard water you are using to shampoo your hair is leaving these types of build ups on your hair that most clarifying shampoos can't remove...You would need to use a chelating shampoo..

This type build up will cause breakage or your hair won't hold moisture... I always say listen to your hair.. Problems like these you want to catch before it causes damage... Clues that you need to use a chelating shampoo ....
  • You live in hard water cities... If you do I would consider using a chelating shampoo 1x a month
  • You hair will not retain moisture no matter what you do
  • Dull Hair
  • Products that usually work for you stop working
Don't wait till you start getting getting breakage...
You should not use a chelating shampoo more than 1x a month .. If you use a chelating shampoo you do not need to use clarifing shampoo's..

Another option you have is to buy a water softener for your shower from Home Depot or Lowes...They are pretty inexpensive
My favorite Chelating Shampoo is Joico K-Pak Clarify Chelating Shampoo !!!

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