Mar 24, 2011

March 23rd,2011---Protein Overload!!!!

That is why my hair is breaking. I had no idea WN had protein. I don't think the Long term relationship conditioner has protein so. I have to change my Regimen up for a couple of weeks.

I used Clarifying Shampoo today--but for the next two I use just a regular Shampoo

Then I followed with Creme of Nature Moisturizing Shampoo

I'm going to DC w a thick NON-Protein Conditioner + EVCO for 35-40 min w heat
I used Suave Natural Tropical Coconut Conditioner/plus EVCO covered w Plastic cap
Rinsed w Lukewarm Water

Apply leave in(ORS oil moisturizing hair lotion)
let dry in ponytail (air dry)

Im moisturizing with ORS Oil Moisturizer and sealing with EVCO

Tie down w Scarf

This is going to take the place of the Sunday wash until I notice less breakage or 2 weeks,whichever comes first.What a major setback.I'm annoyed but will carry on.Lesson learned.

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