Dec 6, 2011

I'm loving my Hair thanks to ACV Rinses

I have just been M&S'ing it and I love how it stays moisturized. I accredit that to ACV Rinses. I found out about them after watching this Hair Journey Vid on YT. The young lady has since deleted her vid, but she used ACV after every Wash. I took it on and I'll be using this for the rest of my time on Earth. My Hair absorbs moisture so quickly. I love how it makes my Hair feel and look. It never leaves a lasting scent either. If anyone uses it and it leaves a scent, they didn't dilute it well enough with Water. I just wanted to share how awesome I think ACV rinse are. They definitely cured my Porosity issues.


  1. I've been loving ACV rinses lately too! They make my hair "behave"!

  2. yes Shika, I seriously am so glad I discovered them.

  3. Hi Trace! Do you use the ACV right after a DC and not wash it out? What is the dilution for the ACV? I have a huge gallon of it but have yet to use it.

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  4. I use the ACV right after I DC. I keep it on my Hair about 2 minutes and I rinse it out completely. I use one of those big cups you get from the Takeout restaurant. They usually put wonton in it, well ,I put about 3/4 Vinegar in it, and the rest is water for me. Following your blog right now! thanks for following mine :)