Dec 1, 2011

ORS Moisturizing Lotion is the Devil!

It's the most awful, sponge like Product I ever used. I used it before, but after watching ulovemegz regimen this Year, I decided, let me try it again. It sucked the Moisture right out of my Hair. I just washed my Hair only 2 days ago and since it's so incredibly greasy and heavy again because of this Product, here I am 12/1, Prepooing in preparation for another wash. I hate the way that crap makes my Hair feel. I will never use it again! Phooey!


  1. Girl, I've never tried it but I've wondered why some ppl seem to like it so much since mineral oil is like the first ingredient!

  2. I know! what was I thinking Ebony, I will never use that crap again. Blah!