Dec 16, 2011

My Monthly Protein treatment

I took this ORS Hair Mayo that (btw, doesn't smell like normal. I don't know what's going on. I am used to a pleasant smell and this smells like some awful Men's Cologne.) I mixed EVOO, a little Peppermint Oil, and Rosemary to make it smell a little better

I'm about to sit under the dryer for maybe 20 minutes if I make it that long. I know, I know what you're thinking, this is already the 3rd time I'm washing my Hair in 1 week. To be fair though, I put some heavy crap on my Hair and that's what caused the 2nd wash. This is my Monthly protein so it's excuseable for the extra wash. In my mind anyway :)

Okay so heres the steps I took today. How I always do my hard Protein treatments Monthly

I used my ORS Hair Mayo(today is the first time I mixed, usually I use it as is)
I sat under the dryer for 25-30 min w Heat and Plastic cap
I rinsed
I washed with a Moisturizing Shampoo. Today I used HE in the Purple bottle forgot the name
DC'd with Suave Tropical Coconut w Heat for approx. 20-25 minutes
ACV Rinse on the last rinse
Apply Leave ins
Air Dry
Put in Protective style of choice
leave as is, or tie down w Scarf.


  1. Hey Tracie, how many weeks are you post relaxer? When you air dry is your manageable? When I air dry my roots are so thick it is really hard to comb...

  2. Hey :) I am 5 weeks post. I air dry and it turns into a big poof if I don't put it in a Ponytail. So majority of the time, I put left it dry partially free, and then put it in a bun after putting in my Leave Ins.