Dec 26, 2011

Wash day!

ok so for Christmas I got the Turby twist. Just looks like a regular towel to me, but hey what better day to use it than today.

So today I am prepooing with Suave Naturals- Wild Cherry Blossom and EVOO. I usually do my Peppermint mix, but its in the room w a sleeping Kid and Im not taking any chances :D

I did buy a new Moisturizer. Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1 based off a suggestion. Silly me didn't check the ingredients it has the dreaded MINERAL OIL. Ugh, if I saw that I would've left this on the shelf. To be honest, I really want to just dump the entire bottle. I now need to replace a Protein Moisturizer. See, when I need one I can't fine one! Haha anyway this is what the bottle looks like:

Don't be deceived. It smells good but isn't great on hair. In fact, I really should start doing Product reviews. Haha, coming soon. That should help a lot of ladies out.


  1. I have a turbie towel too... I don't really use it to dry my hair, more to keep in body heat while DCing withut my hair dryer or steamer...

  2. Shika, I really love the shower cap that comes with it. When they say no drip! This is the best DC cap I ever had. I love it and really love the fact that it's reusable.

  3. I LOVE my twistie turbans! I have 4 of them, since I only wash towels once a month! lol!

  4. Ebony I will be getting me another one I love it!