Jan 8, 2012

Monthly Protein Treatment 1/5/12

I just did my ORS Hair Mayo. I think I'm going to start doing it every 6 weeks. It seems that my Hair needs it more often than every 8 weeks.

I went to the BSS yesterday and of course as usual I totally OD'd! LOL. I finally found HE LTR and Im in love. I wish it didn't have Protein or I'd use it everyday. Made that mistake before. Next product review will be on my favorite, most loved Moisturizer on the entire Planet Wave Nouveau Finishing Mist

:D check that out in the next post


  1. Sadly I'm guilty of not reading the label for LTR. I have it and I did not know it contained protein. Thankfully it didn't cause any negative effects when I used it after a hard protein treatment.

  2. yes girl I always check my ingredients and sure enough, it had protein blah