Jan 1, 2012

The Facebook Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge has started today!!!!!

I'm am so excited to finally be a part of a Challenge I will be able to keep up with. I am doing the basic challenge, here are the rules from the Group:

1- Basic: Apply Castor oil to scalp 2x/3x a week.

2- Intermediate: Apply Castor oil to scalp 2x/3x a week followed by a scalp massage (2-5mins focusing on damaged areas). Add 1 tsp to your weekly deep conditioner.

3-Advanced: Apply Castor oil to scalp three times a week followed by scalp massage (2- 5mins focusing on damaged areas). Add 1-2 tsps to weekly deep conditioner.

I know I will not be able to remember doing 2 and 3, so I will be doing Basic and I'll try to use it when Prepooing or DC'ing, not fully sure on that yet but i'll let you all know.

It's still not to late to join. The FB Hairlista page is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/40923346750/

I am too excited for this. Finally a challenge I wasn't late for. I washed my Hair yesterday. So I'm going to attempt to keep the Washes down to 1x per week,but of course as you all know, I love washing my Hair so that's going to be a challenge in itself. Hope I make some progress and more ladies join the challenge. HHJ!

Starting Pic: 1.1.12 @ 8 weeks Post Relaxer

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