Jan 30, 2012

Hey ladies! I've been slacking, so sorry

Sorry I've been slacking :) I try to keep my Regi as carefree as possible or knowing me, I will slack totally. So far I've been oiling my Scalp w JBCO atleast 2x per week, sometimes 3x per week. I sometimes find myself sealing with it too

I have already washed my hair this week, so no wash until I feel like I need it next which will most likely be in about 4 or 5 days.I also did a Protein treatment earlier than usual on 1/26. I most likely won't do another one until maybe the middle of February. My Hair seems like it's crying for a tad more Protein sometimes.

And that's pretty much it. I'm noticing such thickness in my Hair. Now, my Hair has always had thickness,but with this JBCO challenge, it is really out of control. :) I love it hehe. Well i'll finally be doing a Product Review on my favorite product. Wave Nouveau! So stay tuned for the next post

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