Apr 5, 2012

On to a New Challenge in April! GHE/Real Queens Regimen!

Well, I think the JBCO mini-challenge with the Hairlista FB group went well. I gained about 1 1/2 in. So I think that's pretty good :)This month I am having a personal GHE (Greenhouse Effect) challenge. I will post the challenge below. Feel free to unofficially join in if you'd like to see how much growth you get with this method. I have been doing this every other day so far. Of course when I straighten my Hair this weekend (only because it's Easter) I won't GHE for 10-12 days after that. GHE leaves my Hair moist when I wake up, so the only thing I can do is Bun which is fine. Once I reach my goal my Hair will be free.

- I will do GHE 1x weekly atleast for a Month and see if I notice any change in Growth

Here is the Long Hair Care Forum Challenge for GHE

Here's the Greenhouse Effect (GHE)

.:Shampoo 1x month. Clarify as needed
.:Deep condition after shampooing/co-washing
.:Blot hair dry with a t-shirt
.:Do the green house effect at least 1x week. No more than 3x week
.:Dust ends every 1-2 months (optional)
.:For best results wear protective or low manipulation hairstyles
.:Avoid using heat. Air dry or blow dry if cool if you have to
.:Flat iron 1x month
.:Be gentel with your hair - don't comb and brush so often
.:Eat right and drink lots of water
Co-washing is allowed.

.:On damp or dry hair apply a generous amount of the oil of your choice. Root to tip

.:Place shower cap or plastic bag over your hair to lock in the moisture from your scalps natural oils and heat from your head. This creates a green house, steam effect during your sleep which is the best time for your hair growth in this case. For those who are relaxed or natural but flat ironed, you can apply a shower cap or plastic bag to ends only loosely securing it to your hair with a scrunchy or clip.

.:Place a head tie/scarf over your head & shower cap making sure that it’s nice and snug; for best results also wear a winter hat over your scarf to help produce more heat.

.:In the morning you may find that your hair is a bit damp from the moisture the steam effect created. You can either blow dry it on cool setting, let it air dry a bit before styling, or go ahead and style it while it’s still damp and let it dry as the day progresses.
You don't have to use JBCO. Use your favorite oils :)

They say some ladies have averaged an inch of growth doing this and I might incorporate this into my Regi if it goes well. So on to the challenge!

I may also incorporate MN( Micronazole Nitrate) but I've never used this,so Im not sure yet. If I purchase any, I'll let you all know.


  1. I might try this again in the next few weeks.

  2. I heard about it but never actually did it. I don't think I can go an entire Month without washing though. That is just not happening.

    1. When I tried it I washed regularly, one month of not washing is not for me.

  3. I know! @alx, there is no way in the world I'm going that long without washing my Hair. I just can't. I moisturize daily and with this GHE thing, my Hair definitely needs to be cleansed weekly. So Im changing that part of this regi :)