Apr 30, 2012

May 1st Sulfur Oil Challenge with FB Hairlista!

Ok so it starts tomorrow and I know, I cheated and started 1 week early. This gave me the opportunity though to gage how often I'd do it, how often I'd wash so it was a good trial week. I haven't used the VHF since this past Friday. I used the Sulfur Oil last night. I think I'm going to drop the oil usage down to 2x weekly. Sundays..and Wednesday night. My Wash days will be the next day after. I'm thinking about incorporating one additional day but I'm not sure about that yet because the more I use it, the more often I have to wash. I hate Cowashing so it has to be a regular wash. I'm starting the challenge with freshly clean hair. I did just apply VHF to my edges. I know I know, they ARE already full, but like you ladies know, in my mind, edges can never be too full. So I'll be of course tracking my progress here. I will make a post for the Challenge directions in case any of you ladies want to join in. The Hairlista FB page is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/40923346750/
it's more personal, closer knit friendships and hair talk. I love it.

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