Jul 14, 2012

Dusting :) made it to Sunday with straight hair!

ok so I'm going to dust my ends if they need it. I haven't been abusing heat so my ends shouldnt need much. I have noticed that they aren't even when they were not too long ago when I trimmed. No better time to trim while my Hair is still straight. So after Sunday, i'm free to proceed with my hair washing. I can't take trying to preserve this straight hair anymore. It's just too much work.
I took more pics with my Hairlista length check shirt. Should make it easier next time to see my progress


  1. You have got some great growth hon!And I love that hair length check shirt.
    Are you going to try Hairfinity? I really want to once I big chop. Wish I had a coupon :-)

  2. Hey Keisha, thanks :) I heard some good things about Hairfinity. I'm doing the MSM now, and im not sure how using both together would work. I am on the FB Hairlista Sulfur/MSM challenge, so when that's done in September, I just might try it.