Jul 17, 2012

Product Review: Fantasia IC Olive Anti-Breakage Treatment & KeraCare Twist & Define Cream

Fantasia IC Olive Anti-Breakage Treatment

This would be considered a Medium Protein treatment. For protein sensitive this may be considered a hard treatment. My hair is a 4B and for me it's medium. First off, this stuff smells so good..oh yes. I can't describe how good it smells. I use this every 2 weeks- 1 month. I probably could get away with using it weekly but I don't use it that often. This contains Hydrolized Silk & Keratin. These ingredients are listed in the middle. The further down on the Ingredient list, the less amount is in there so this is definitely a medium protein.

My hair felt so silky and smooth after using this. I love it. I mean love it. I would definitely recommend if you need a good protein treatment, between this and ORS Hair Mayo I don't know which one is better. On a scale from 1-10, this is a definite 10 for me. I paid approximately $7.49 plus tax for this. Hopefully it's cheaper where you off. NYC ripping folks off haha

Keracare Twist and Design Cream

Ok so at the beginning of my journey, I could never ever see myself wanting texture, wave or curl in my hair. Well thankfully my attitude has changed and I've started doing braidouts and twistouts. I did a twist out with this Cream and well, it was so nice! I love this stuff. The consistency is similar to Let's Jam..so I'm not too fond of that, but the smell is great and as far as holding my waves it did a good job. The cost, whew..this little container costed me $11.99 plus tax. I will be buying it again though and stocking up. It worked very well on my Hair and I really like this product. I think you ladies should try it. It worked better than Ecostyler Gel for me. My rating again, is a solid 10. Worth all my money.

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