Jul 11, 2012

Here are my present length pics after flat ironing :)

Ok so here are my long awaited pics. I was slacking posting them. I have so many on my computer, but you know me, I am very picky about what pics to post and thats the only reason why I blur my face if I think it looks funny in a pic. I've put a full face pic (bottom) unblurred for you ladies that have no idea what I look like :)

I flat ironed my hair July 9th and these were taken on the 9th, 10th and today the 11th
I am currently 21 weeks post relaxer and I am unsure when I'm going to relax. I'm keeping my hair moisturized and pretty much sticking to my simple regi that I have posted. I'm still doing my Sulfur 1-2x weekly and then washing my Hair. That's pretty much all I'm doing right now. This is the first time I've flat ironed since 5/28.

I am not sure when I'll flat iron next. Most likely not until September because I refuse to press out my Hair when it's too hot. This week has been 80s and very low humidity so I was able to straighten it and make it last for looks like going to be a week soon. I see some progress but I did feel like my hair was too straight. I mean, I had a huge Lion's mane when I started and ended up with sleek, but I think too sleek for my liking. I used my Kiss Silicon Flat Iron (the small one) and big mistake. Small sections and small iron= too sleek and straight. I'll remember for next time. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the pics and I am pleased so far with my progress. Hope everyone's journey is going well. I'll be back later this week with a long awaited product review. This week i'm reviewing Aphoghee Green Tea Reconstructurizer. So don't miss my blog post :) Later Chicas


  1. Looking good! You're getting close to APL! Keep up the good growth!

  2. Wow it's really growing! But more importantly it looks nice and healthy!

  3. Looking good, creeping up on apl!

  4. Thanks ladies :) I want my APL! I think I have about 1 1/2 in to go before I hit it