Aug 31, 2012

:D Hi ladies! I had to get one good entry in before September!

Well you ladies pretty much know that I've been using sulfur oil since May. I've been getting great results and so far my hair is about 1 1/2 inches to APL. APL where you at! I've been waiting for over a year now, crap. Well, surely the Winter will be the time when I hit it. Now whether that's November or December, only time will tell. The good thing is it seems I'm retaining length so the goal isn't too far away. September 1st starts the NJOY concoction challenge on Long hair care forum. Here:

We're going to use Njoy's mix that led to her tremendous growth. You can view this growth my typing NJOY in the search on LHCF,or googling NJOY or even going to her site on her blog

so just a recap so far

This is my current length

I notice that blow drying yields my regular thick hair than flat ironing so I may do that instead when I want straighter hair. I am only about 1 week and a half post relaxer and since my hair is never bone straight, i swear it looks like Im already 8 weeks post or something. OH well. I dont use heat regularly and never will. My hair just can't take it. I won't chance it. Hope you ladies have a great Labor day weekend and HHJ to you all!


  1. NJOY's hair growth was ridiculous. I do not follow her on LHCF, but I have seen various posts and spolight features on several blogs and hair boards. I hope you obtain the length you desire. I could only wish for growth like hers. Off to check out that concoction...

  2. I'm doing the NJoy challenge for the next 6 months. I'm hoping to make it to full WHIP/grazing hip. I had great results when I used it earlier this year

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