Aug 19, 2012

News Alert! I caved, I am....Relaxed again :)

I know you joined this blog to see relaxed hair retain length right? I flipped on you guys and you know what? I ended up ending my 6 month stretch (no longer transition) because I realized a couple things.

1. I don't love myself any less because I prefer to make my hair manageable with chemicals.

2. My hair is thick, but my strands are fine and cannot take too much heat. "Heat training" (which I think is baloney anyway (spelled wrong on purpose) wouldn't work for my Hair.

3. I don't have the time to invest doing twists, I can't braid and I don't really like "big" hair on me.

4. I prefer my Hair straight 60% of the time (even though I do NOT use heat often on my hair)

I decided to go back to relaxers and there's no shame in my game. At any time I can choose to start transitioning if I wish. So this, once again, is a relaxed hair blog! My goal is still WL. I've made up my mind and this is what's best for me right now. Sorry for the yo-yoing, but you know how indecisive us ladies can be sometimes :) I actually feel relieved and know that I can stretch 6 months if I have to again. I don't think I'll stretch longer than 4 or 5 mths this time around. I relaxed 5/18/12 and I just joined the NJOY Concoction challenge 2012 on LHCF. You ladies should join this challenge. Most of us have seen what sublimed Sulfur has done for her hair. You ladies know I've been using it since May and you've seen my pics on here so it does work. Anyhow, I actually was procrastinating post this LOL feeling shame? LOL the nerve of me. I am confident in my decision and everyone should be happy and confident no matter how they choose to wear their Hair. I have a product review on Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner and you ladies do not want to miss it! Ciao Bellas!


  1. No shame at all! I actually thought your reason for transitioning had to do with the thickness of your hair and feeling like you weren't able to retain length though. I'm excited to see your progress with the sulfur mix. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Ebony :D I was kind of like.."um, I don't know if I want to post on this just yet" haha

  3. Do what makes you happy...I've been there so I totally know how it feels to blog about it. All the best.