Aug 17, 2012

My hurrr (yes hurr) is done! :D

Ok I was playing around and today while I was washing and DC'ing I took some texture shots of my hair

and these are pics of my hair after straightening today. My goal is still WL even though I'm transitioning. I figure when my entire hair is WL, my Natural hair will be atleast APL or longer and then I can chop away the relaxed ends. I will not be bald (no offense to bald people). I did something a little different this time when flat ironing. I only did 1 pass and maybe 1/2 on the root because I'm 26 weeks post almost and well, the roots are resistant. I think it came out the thickest I've ever seen. I hate when I straighten my hair too straight. Small sections and 2 passes left it way too straight. I use the Kiss Red Flat irons 3/4 & 1/2 on a setting of 280-300 degrees. I will not go any hotter than that.

Here are my current hair pics and length check. I did a trim as well and only took off a tiny bit not even half an inch to even the ends out.

and my ponytail currently:

Ok and one more thing. Last night I took a section in the middle left area of my head and cut it to natural haha :) I was curious to see my natural texture. This next pic is all natural (the strand I'm holding anyway. I'm assuming majority of the hairs on my head are about this length

It's looks like approximately 3 in or 3 1/2 inches of new growth natural hair by me just looking at it. This is growth from February-Present.

whew! I think that's all the pics I wanted to show you all today. But one more. A comparison pic from February- the length now. I started the Sulfur oil in May of this year

sorry bombarded you folks with pics but you know how I am. I am constantly taking pics of my hair haha. Not sure how long this will last but just wanted to get some pics in.


  1. Great progress! And all that NG girl! Go'n!

  2. Beautiful waves. Love all that NG. Your hair looks so thick and healthy.