Aug 16, 2012

Washed 2x today. Yes two times. Darn Ecostyler gel

Ok so I did an overnight DC w the Silicon mix, woke up this morning and washed it out, shampooed and DC'd again. I stupidly applied Ecostyler (the clear one) to my hair. Why? Why oh why did I do that? I hate having a plastic/plaster head. So my hair got hard and looked awful so I ended up washing it again. I need my hair free from products unless it's moisturizer. Gel is only when I'm about to wash my hair. I will never use it after a fresh wash again. So I have a function to attend this Weekend and I'm going sleek. So I'm flat ironing right now. I try not to abuse heat and I think I've done pretty good so far regarding that. I think the last time I used it was a month ago. Once a month isn't so bad but I am trying not to get addicted to it like I used to be. That's the only concern I have about going natural. Not knowing if I will want that sleek look more often later on down the line and not wanting to singe up my ends with the Heat. Oh well, I'm still doing it. I will let today worry about itself. I'm only doing 1 pass with my Kiss red silicon irons. I'm no where near being done but these irons are so good, you can't even tell I only did 1 pass. I am using the 3/4 in (small) for my roots, and the 1/2 in for bigger sections. I just realized for the bigger one I need it up to 300 degrees because it wasn't getting the job done and right now the 3/4 one is at 280. I don't want to go above 300 degrees on either. I have no idea how ladies flat iron their hair on 425 and up. I'd be paranoid I was going to get damage. Anyway, let me finish. As usual, pics are to come

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