Jul 19, 2011

Cayenne Pepper/EVCO and EVOO oil mix starting today!

So I researched and saw that many ladies use Cayenne Pepper to aid in Hair Growth. I want in! So I mixed all three:
Cayenne Pepper
and EVOO in a little plastic Baby Food container.
applied it to my edges and Hair
Put on plastic cap and will keep it on my Hair for approx 6-8 hrs.
I will then do a full wash
ACV Rinse
Roller Set
Sit under cool Dryer
Dry wrap with Scarf


  1. how does the cayenne feel on your scalp?? i always imagined it would feel spicy. lol

  2. Alice, I expected it to burn. It tingled slightly after 2 or 3 hrs but very mildly. I hope it grows this Hair even more

  3. I'll be using this as my Prepoo on all my Washes

  4. oh thats good at least its not irritating in a bad way. good luck, i'll b excited to see your results.