Jul 11, 2011

Hair Length Chart to Refresh my Memory

I'm pressing towards APL!!!


  1. Hey pretty lady!!
    How are you???!!!! Love the blog!!My name is Talisha ;)

    I just wanted to stop by and say I grew my hair from shoulder length to waist length in 2 years!!!

    And I want to spread my knowledge to all black women, so we can BREAK the stereotype that black women cant have long, healthy and fabulous hair!!!

    My new Channel on youtube is up.

    I will be sharing how I grew my hair and giving out tips for healthy hair. And please don’t think that your hair cant grow long. I promise you I have the most coarse hair and I was able to do it! It is not about your hair texture… its about being patient and consistant with treating your hair.

    And no im not mixed, either. ;)

    I will also be showing how to grow your hair while wearing weave, wigs, and braids as well. While my hair was short and even now if I don’t feel like doing my hair… ill throw on a wig…

    Later on I will be posting videos about women and self love and relationships so stay tuned for that as well ;)

    Please show your LOVE and SUPPORT and SUBB, LIKE and COMMENT,

    and REQUEST VIDEOS!!!! and tell everybody and they momma!!! LOL




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