Jul 24, 2011

I just have to say this. May offend

Ok, so I go to Youtube all the time and I see these Hair Journey videos. Why do Ladies with zero Hairlines, have the nerve to help ME grow MY Hair? I mean really? I want someone with thick hair in the hairline and the back, heck all of it to tell me their hair Growth/retaining tips. It makes me very unconfident when I am watching a Vid and notice that the Person's hairline is non existent. One time I left a comment on and let that person know " whats up with that hairline". I was curious. I realized it was mean and I deleted the comment. She still got it though because it hit her Inbox. Well to be fair, I did think I was being mean and deleted it. Anyway, I pay attention now and that is the first thing I see. If it's full, I'll watch but if the person is bald in the Front, Im sorry, it makes no sense for me to watch.

1 comment:

  1. baahaahahaha!!! i'm the same way!! have you seen longhairdontcare on youtube?? her hair is giving me life and death at the same time. lol