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Jul 6, 2011

Vent about Hair Forums

Long Hair Care Forum. Seriously the most confusing crap I have ever had to weed through. I joined about 3 mths ago and I still have no idea where to go for the information I need. I use Search but that isn't helping. I'm regretting paying my Membership fee now. I wish they would organize that forum better.


  1. i feel you!!! i gave up on forums a long time ago!

  2. I know! I tried so hard to get into it and I am confused as ever.

  3. just found ur blog randomly by searching for "hair length charts" for my blog...and I love it! *now following*

    and PS...AGREED about LHCF...I only joined after I already got the hang of stuff because of the high activity and entertaining antics. Not for actual info or hair journey support! lol. Added ur blog to the relaxed ladies blog list there tho!

  4. EbonyCPrincess Thank you ;) I tried and still do to find atleast a little info, I rather just go to Hairlista. It's so much more organized. I appreciate you adding my Blog and following, thanks again.