Jul 6, 2011

Hair Update 7/6/11

I got Lavish Curls Moisturizer and I absolutely love it! I used a little of that, and sprayed on some 911 Leave In and all I can say is my Hair, looks so beautiful. I want this hair to grow already. I am 2 mths Post Relaxer and my Hair still looks nice. I don't see much NG though and that could be because I was slacking and haven't Oiled my Scalp since June when I moved. Well, I'm starting back ASAP. I have to find new bun styles. Pulling it all back daily is putting stress on my Edges and I need my edges.

I washed my Hair on 7/5. I just had to. I used too much WN and my Hair was heavy and greasy
I DCd w EVCO that Night w/o Heat and then did a regular wash. Rinsed w ACV, Anytime my Hair feels heavy, I'm washing it. If I feel it's needs a Co Wash, I'm doing it. Sometimes washing my Hair 1x per week just isn't enough.

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