Jul 24, 2011

Wash Day

applied Cayenne/EVCO/EVOO mix to my Hairline only
I have a full Hairline,call me obsessed but to me your Hairline can never be too full.
I then applied HE conditioner throughtout my Hair
It's way too hot to sit under the Dryer so Im just going to leave it on my hair for a couple of Hours
Then wash w Moist Shampoo
DC w Conditioner
ACV Rinse
tie down with Scarf.

I just have to say this. May offend

Ok, so I go to Youtube all the time and I see these Hair Journey videos. Why do Ladies with zero Hairlines, have the nerve to help ME grow MY Hair? I mean really? I want someone with thick hair in the hairline and the back, heck all of it to tell me their hair Growth/retaining tips. It makes me very unconfident when I am watching a Vid and notice that the Person's hairline is non existent. One time I left a comment on and let that person know " whats up with that hairline". I was curious. I realized it was mean and I deleted the comment. She still got it though because it hit her Inbox. Well to be fair, I did think I was being mean and deleted it. Anyway, I pay attention now and that is the first thing I see. If it's full, I'll watch but if the person is bald in the Front, Im sorry, it makes no sense for me to watch.

Jul 19, 2011

Cayenne Pepper/EVCO and EVOO oil mix starting today!

So I researched and saw that many ladies use Cayenne Pepper to aid in Hair Growth. I want in! So I mixed all three:
Cayenne Pepper
and EVOO in a little plastic Baby Food container.
applied it to my edges and Hair
Put on plastic cap and will keep it on my Hair for approx 6-8 hrs.
I will then do a full wash
ACV Rinse
Roller Set
Sit under cool Dryer
Dry wrap with Scarf

Jul 12, 2011

Wash Day 7/12/11

Applied Amla Oil
Mane & Tail Conditioner to dry Hair
Plastic cap and sat under Dryer w Heat for 20-25 Min

Shampooed with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Lather Shampoo
Applied EVCO & Suave Reg Conditioner and DC'd with Heat for approx 25-30 min

ACV Rinse
Applied Leave Ins + tiny bit of Nourish Leave In and 911 Leave In)
I'm going to apply Moisturizer (Lavish Curls) and do 4 Plaits in my Hair
Tie down with Scarf.

Jul 11, 2011

Cowash today

Nothing major at all. Just prepooed w Tropical Coconut Conditioner
ACV Rinse
Applied Kinky Curly Leave In + Water & Glycerin
Tied down hair with Scarf.

Hair Length Chart to Refresh my Memory

I'm pressing towards APL!!!

Jul 6, 2011

Vent about Hair Forums

Long Hair Care Forum. Seriously the most confusing crap I have ever had to weed through. I joined about 3 mths ago and I still have no idea where to go for the information I need. I use Search but that isn't helping. I'm regretting paying my Membership fee now. I wish they would organize that forum better.

Protective Buns/Styles- Part I

Hair Update 7/6/11

I got Lavish Curls Moisturizer and I absolutely love it! I used a little of that, and sprayed on some 911 Leave In and all I can say is my Hair, looks so beautiful. I want this hair to grow already. I am 2 mths Post Relaxer and my Hair still looks nice. I don't see much NG though and that could be because I was slacking and haven't Oiled my Scalp since June when I moved. Well, I'm starting back ASAP. I have to find new bun styles. Pulling it all back daily is putting stress on my Edges and I need my edges.

I washed my Hair on 7/5. I just had to. I used too much WN and my Hair was heavy and greasy
I DCd w EVCO that Night w/o Heat and then did a regular wash. Rinsed w ACV, Anytime my Hair feels heavy, I'm washing it. If I feel it's needs a Co Wash, I'm doing it. Sometimes washing my Hair 1x per week just isn't enough.

Jul 3, 2011


So I got my WN back yesterday and being so excited I used way to much. I'm so tempted to wash my hair again today.

Jul 1, 2011

Washing my Hair again so soon 7/1/2011

I've been M&Sing this past week
Yesterday 6/30 I washed my hair, only DCd once though

I'm about to do a Deep Protein (ORS Hair Mayo) because my hair feels heavy and greasy thanks to thank mango butter Elasta. i will only use that for when I baggy. I plan on adding Baggying 1x per week to my Regimen.

So off to do it and then rinse my Hair