May 8, 2012

Darn Splits! What to do when you have Split (Multiple or Single) ends

Ok so I was sitting here wondering why it's taking me so long to reach APL. I have noticed that I get a shed hair, when I examine it sometimes it's split into 2 or 3! :O I just found this article on Long Hair forum (different from LHFC) and OMGosh..I need to Search and Destroy more often! I found out my issue. I don't know how often because I never used to do it at all. I did a good trim or so I thought. I still won't do a big trim often,but will S&D more regularly. Maybe this will help me reach my goals. This is a response I found on that forum and boy was it helpful. If you ladies have Hair that's splitting and in more than one area on a strand, your hair needs that split cut and more moisture. HTH everyone

How to cure your Hair of Split Ends

1. Every once in a while go through your hair and find the bad splits. Cut them with a pair of very sharp (hair cutting) scissors. That's called search and destroy (S&D) if you didn't already know.

2. As other ladies have said, oiling does help. Moisture is key! I have noticed a lot less splits after I started using oils. I have been doing Jojoba oil for about a year, and have recently added Castor Oil and Almond Oil to the mix. I use all 3 as a hair mask. I put it in my h air and then put a shower cap on, then leave it in all day. It also helps to use a deep conditioner once a week. I use Aussie's 3 Min Miracle. It's cheap and easy to use.

3. The best thing to prevent split ends is to reduce the amount of heat you expose your hair to. I have made a serious effort to cut down on heat this year. It's made a world of difference. If you do use heat make sure you use a heat protectant every time. Even for blow drying. You could also look into different no-heat methods to curl your hair, of make waves (My favorite is sock buns).

4. Keep up with trims. I self trim about every month of so. Just a dusting (1/4 of an in ish). I haven't had to do it as often now that I don't use a lot of heat.

5. Hair is at it's weakest while wet. While your hair is wet don;t wrap it up too tightly or leave it up in a towel for a long time. Wrap it loosely if you have to and take it down ASAP. You can gently squeeze the water out. This will prevent a lot of damage and frizz. You should only use a wide toothed comb while your hair is wet as well.

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