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May 31, 2012

I know this is a hair blog but do any of you wear Glasses?

I've just discovered Zennioptical.com and OMGosh!!! I just ordered my first pair this Morning and I am loving how cheap these frames are. The lenses are free (regular) and if you have Bifocal or a stronger prescription it could be a little more but in all you wont pay more than $40 for frames. Crazy right? My entire order just now was $15.00 and I got these:

I'm so excited and I would've purchased more but those are coming. I have like 30 in my favorites. You can even virtually try on frames. I can't believe I was paying over $300 for Frames/Glasses. Ridiculous. Never again. HTH


  1. Those are cute. I was thinking of getting non-prescription ones just because I like the look. Can you get it like that?


  2. I know the feeling!! Vision insurance only pays a small amount for glasses. Thanks for sharing this site :)

  3. I found a place that does lenses offline for only $45 for regular lenses. I'm set with like 3 pairs of glasses, but will check this out!

  4. Wow, those are cute. I need to go take a look~thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I got my glasses! Now I have 3 pair and I only paid $40 for both. About to go order like, 3 more haha :)

  6. just ordered 6 more haha love this site.