May 24, 2012

Update on what I've been doing so far last/this week

Well last Friday I used the Sulfur oil. I also used it tonight..and the night before. I washed my Hair yesterday. I am starting to do braidouts. It actually came out pretty cute this past Sunday. I thought I could never like wavy/curly hair but my Hair was cute enough to wear to Church and so I did. I'm trying to perfect the braidout. It's going to allow me to stretch out my Relaxers even further. Right now I am 13 weeks post relaxer. I don't know how long I'll stretch. I admit, I do have a big old box of ORS on top of my Kitchen Cabinets but I am fighting the temptation. I'll be doing a product review this week. I have so many awesome products so this time i think I'll review 3 heat protectants for you ladies.

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