May 8, 2012

The benefits Search and Destroy & how to do it the correct way

Benefits of the Search and Destroy Trim Method

Search and destroy trimming saves hair length and keeps pesky split ends in check. Most of us only have a few split ends sprinkled throughout our mane. The proportion of split, damaged hairs to healthy normal ones is often quite small. Since search and destroy trims only target and trim ends that are damaged and actually splitting, you avoid having to trim the neighboring healthy hairs which are typically the majority. You can trim through your hair without losing any noticeable length.

Another benefit of search and destroy trims is that anyone can do these! They require no skill whatsoever. If you can see a split, and know how to work a pair of shears, you are already good to go. Search and destroy trims are so light and noninvasive that they are barely noticeable. No one ever walks away feeling upset or having to adjust to a "new look" as is often the case with a standard trim.

Search and Destroy Method

You'll need: Good lighting, 1 Sharp pair of hair shears/scissors, comb, and moisturizer.

Get your lighting. I find that the natural daylight in my car and even computer lighting works pretty well for search and destroys! Good lighting will expose your splits and help them show up better.

1.) First, section your hair into 4 quadrants by making a line from hairline to nape, and make another line from ear to ear. This should give you 2 front sections, and 2 back sections.

2.) Gently detangle the hair starting with one of the top 2 sections.

3.) Gather the section together, then slide your hand down the length until you have about an inch left to go.

4.) Flip the ends up, and scan them for split ends. Identify any bent (hard angle) ends that are about to snap, or hair that just looks like it has seen better days. Snip these hairs straight across just above the damage.

5.) Staying in this first section, part your hair in 1 inch intervals. Search for splits in each 1 inch mini-section. Snip the splits!

6.) Continue searching and destroying until section is complete.

7.) Moisturize the section, then twist the hair all the way down. Look for any splits you may have missed. They will be sticking out. Snip them!

8.) Repeat steps 2-7 in the remaining sections.


  1. I did this when I was transitioning. I actually did it almost every week and it indeed helps to save length. I wasn't giving those splits time to get comfy. I also used the split ender which to me is almost like a search and destroy machine.

  2. Oh and for lighting I used my living room light and computer screen on a blank word document because I could see right through the strands on the white screen.

  3. I need to get a split ender so bad. I finally figured out why I felt like my Hair was stunted. Thanks for the advice,awesome