May 11, 2012

VHF thoughts

Ok, I know I've only been using it 1 week but I must say, I hate it. I hate the smell. I hate the consistency. Just the sheer fact that it has Petroleum jelly in it makes me want to puke. I have a little left in this tube and I will not be finishing it or ordering more. Some ladies swear by it, I hate the way it feels. Now I'm not saying it doesn't work because I didn't give it a few months,but I will be doing Sulfur oil mix every week about 3-4x week and no more VHF. I hate the way it leaves my Hair. I may do JBCO/Tea Tree Oil alternating weeks instead,but I'm not sure yet. Just letting you folks know how I feel. It's 2am here in NY and I swear I want to wash this crap out of my Hair like right now. I'm so tempted to but no. I'll do one more night of greasy hell, and then I'm done with VHF. My rating for VHF? Blah!

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